12 Jan

I was driving home from getting the girls from school when this song came on …THEN. I know I have heard it once or twice before but for some reason it made me stop and think about where I was when I met Erik and where we are today!

It seems like yesterday Erik and I were simply e-mailing back and forth waiting for the time we would actually have a date. I knew from the beginning he was different then the guys I had dated in the recent past but was not really sure what gave him the “Different” stamp. I would soon found out. Our fist date was to watch a Laker game, (please let me go on record stating that I am by NO means a Laker fan,) but pizza, beer and sports are magical words to this girl! So I agreed to meet at one of my favorite places… Pizza Port in Calsbad, for some beer and what I was sure to be great conversation.

I walked into Pizza Port a bit of a mess. I had baby sat my sister’s 4 kids, along with my own, over night and as anyone can imagine, this is a tall task for one to take on but I did it, and really need a t-shirt that said “I Survived babysitting 6 kids ALONE.” Within a minutes I knew… he was my type. He was happy, energetic, enthusiastic , confident, funny, intelligent, good looking and genuinely caught my attention. We talked a lot about our families and sports, pretty much everything we already covered in the time leading up our first date. I left that evening wanting more… I liked this Erik Elliott and needed to see if there was real substance to what I just got a glimpse of on the surface.

Well as many of you know that night led to what is today… almost our wedding. At first I was cautious. I had been in a relationship pre-Erik where I cared more than the other person  and in the end I was heart broken; however I would not for a minute go back and change that hurt or pain… here is why… I learned to appreciate Love. I learned to not only give but to receive. For 9 months I gave love and my heart to a person who could not do the same, so for me, giving was the easy part, it was receiving without reservation that was hard… but only at first.

Before I met Erik I read a book that changed my outlook on relationships and dating. If you are in  place similar to where I was the book is called, “Lady in Waiting.” and I highly recommend it even if you are not where I was. One thing I learned is that no person can ever complete you. People are always going to fall short and hurt  us. We are not perfect therefore expecting that one, single person alone, can give us all we need  is like giving a thirsty dog water and expecting him not to drink… It’s just NOT possible. We have all have  expectations and needs and to think that one day this wonderful knight and shining amour will sweep us off our feet…. and like magic, all those expectations and needs will be fulfilled… Well It Is Not Going To Happen… However,here is what can and will happen if you let it… God can complete you and in return bring someone in your life who COMPLIMENTS you… for me, that is Erik. He brings out the best in me but had I met him any earlier we might not have worked out because I would have expected him to be so much more than God designed him to be and I would have let one of the best gifts ever given to me, walk out the door because in my mind, he would not have been enough. Well… that was THEN!

NOW... I am just 2 weeks and a few days from walking down an aisle and saying I-DO to sharing forever with my very best friend and one who compliments me in ways in never thought possible. Once I feel better Erik and I are going to have date night and go back to the Pizza Port and sit in the same booth where we had our first date many moons ago… And think about THEN.

Erik if you ever read this… you are my Boaz. You cannot know how thankful I am to have met you when I did and not a moment sooner. Thanks for loving me in-spite of me and seeing the ME, many have over looked. You were worth every night I cried myself to sleep… every unanswered prayer…. every night home alone reading Lady In Waiting. You were worth the hurt and heartache I went through leading to meeting you. I love you more today, than Then! ~S


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