Love is…Unconditional

24 Jan

So, I am only 5 days from saying… “I-Do,” and so I decided for the next 5 days I would post what Love is to me… Each day, will be a different VERB describing how I see it…


Romans 5:8:”God demonstrated his own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ dies for us.”

For so long love has been an emotion or a feeling for me. If I felt a certain way, or someone made me feel a certain way,  I attributed that to being love. How far from the truth this is. It also explains why I have had countless failed relationships. Marriages begin and end based on a feeling or emotions. Well as woman, I know that emotions can change every other minute. There are so many qualities about Erik that I love… He is smart, good looking, caring, exciting, athletic, hard-working, compassionate, giving, funny, devoted… my list goes on and on, but what if one day Erik is not as giving, or compassionate. What if something changes… if my reasons for loving him are all based on something to do with his qualities, and these qualities change or fade, so does the basis for my love.

When I decided to really love I decided that I would do things a little different. I wanted to know how to love and not just feel a feeling. I wanted  a love that would last a lifetime and there is only one example to turn to for this and that is Jesus. His love for me is my blue print for how to love Erik. I have a past and there are parts of my past I am not proud of, but even in that Jesus has always remained the same and so has his love for me and that love is UNCONDITIONAL. Unconditional love is not swayed by situations or emotions, instead this love presses forward and never gives up.

In a society where it is harder to get married then it is divorced, it is no wonder 55% of marriages fail. We are surrounded by a belief that if you “fall out of love” you have a right to get divorced. Something tells me if you fall out of love, you were never really in it to begin with. The truth is simple: love is not determined by the one being loved but rather but the one choosing to love.

I choose to love Erik the same way my heavenly father loves me… without conditions. It is definitely not always going to be easy. Jesus sets the bar pretty darn high, but having been through a divorce once… I learned my lesson. Failure is not an option now. Giving up because things change is not a way out for me. I will love unconditional even when it is the hardest thing to do, because I know that is the only way love can last a lifetime.


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