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February Photo Challenge Day 16: Something New

19 Feb

Day 16: Something New

Last Saturday I made an investment in my sanity. I went on E-bay and purchased the entire collection of “Baby Einstein” DVD’s. The girls are at the stage where they stay up for longer periods of time during the day and I just don’t know how to keep two, 2 month olds entertained. I have tried singing, dancing, talking in random bizarre voices… just shy of standing on my head nude, I have done it all, and nothing seems to capture their attention or get them to stop crying.

That was until Thursday afternoon, which happened to be Day 16 and the challenge was a photo of something new. I went to get my mail and there it was. A package addressed to me and it was almost like I heard angels in heaven singing, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” as I opened it. Inside was my sanity… 26 videos of everything from Old MacDonald to Baby Mozart.  I have no idea what it is about each of these videos that is so captivating for  a baby, but what ever it is, it is genius. I put the girls in their little chairs, give them their pacifiers and turn on 35 minutes of quiet time for mom.


February Photo Challenge Day 15: Phone

19 Feb

Day 15: Phone 

Phones…what would we do without them these days? My phone is so much more than just a phone. It is my calendar, address book, calculator, camera, notebook, and connection to the social media. My phone allows me to pay my bills  and check the balance in my accounts thanks to the Bank of America app. It allows me to re-fill prescriptions by taking a picture and sending it to my pharmacy… again, thanks to another app, it even allows me access to my daughter’s health records. The list of what my phone is able to do is endless. I honestly feel like I would be lost without my I-phone. It pretty much has my life stored in its memory.

All of these things are such a help in today’s day and age, but it was not that long ago that things had to be down the “old-fashioned” way and people were not as easily accessible. I remember when I had to use a computer  to email someone, or when I had to actually call someone on a real phone rather than text them an entire conversation. In some ways, phones have taken away as much as they have given. The personal interaction we once had with people is not as needed due to the capabilities of today’s technology. People young and old cant live without their phone and sadly, I am one of them. 🙂

February Photo Challenge Day 14: Hearts

17 Feb

Day 14: Hearts

I guess it is only fitting that on Valentine’s Day, the photo challenge is Hearts. I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day, I never have been and probably never will be, but there is ONE thing that I love about this “Hallmark” holiday… Candy Hearts, more specifically, the soft candy hearts. I hate when you buy a bag only to open them and almost break a tooth, nope, they have to be soft!

I was very proud of myself this year. Because of my diet and trying to adopt a new and healthy way of eating, I did not buy a single bag of my favorite candy. I know it is hard to believe, considering I have a HUGE sweet tooth, but this year I got in touch with my inner self-control, and resisted those delicious conversation pieces every time I went to Walmart. I am very proud of myself. Now, that is not to say that I didn’t eat the ones my sister bought for me, or some of the ones in the photo above… but I was much better this year than most in the past. However, I do love those things and think they are the only reason Valentine’s Day should be considered a holiday!

February Photo Challenge Day 13

14 Feb

Day 13: Blue

This is actually a picture of a blue wall inside my new office, unfortunately it didn’t really turn out, so it is hard to tell what the color is, but it is blue.

Today, I went back to work. After 8 months off and two babies later, I ventured back to the work force… well kinda. Before Reese & Haley were born, I had planned on going back to my regular work schedule. I figured, I worked when Ashlyn and Bre were babies, I could do it now. That was until I realized just how much work having 4 kids was, a husband and a house. That alone is a FULL TIME JOB! It’s a job without a set schedule, pay, vacation time or holiday’s off. It is a job you don’t get awards for doing or earn plaques for the wall. It is the hardest job in the world, but it is by far the MOST rewarding job I have ever had.

When I made the decision to go back to work, I really prayed about what would be best for my family and for me. I knew that because I love working and love where I work and who I work with and for, the decision was not going to be easy but I decided to go back part-time. I think going to work outside of the home is more for my sanity and because one day, I will have to go to work full-time again so I need to make sure that job is there for me when the time comes, but I have learned the most important job I can ever have is the one with the title, MOM.

February Photo Challenge Day 12

14 Feb

Day 12: Inside your closet

I know, I know… My closet is a hot mess. One day I will make it my priority and have California Custom Closets create my dream closet but until then, I will settle for this.

When thinking about my closet, as unorganized as it is, it made me thankful… thankful that I have someone to share a closet with. I am thankful when I walk into it, I see his stuff and it is a reminder of who I have and who gave him to me. I am thankful that he allows me to “color match” all his t-shirts as he understands that this is just apart of my OCD 😉 Even on days when we get on each others nerves, I am thankful his stuff is here! It is much better than the alternative. So, although my closet is not what I want it to look like, I know one day it will be organized and have custom shelves and shoe racks, but until then, I am thankful for HIS side and MINE.

February Photo Challenge Day 11

12 Feb

Day 11: Makes Me Happy

So far out of the past 11 challenges, this one was my favorite and by far the easiest for me. These five faces make me happy. Everything about them brings me joy. I cannot live without them and thank God for them everyday.

Erik: He is my very best friend. I used to think that being in love with your best friend was too good to be true, but that was until that amazing Sunday afternoon, at the Pizza Port where we had our first date. I knew something was different about him, but never knew how different I would be for having him in my life. He is an amazing husband, step father and father. He makes me a better person everyday. Every woman deserves to feel this way about her husband.

Ashlyn: My first “baby A”… makes me happy everyday of her life. Even though she is getting ready to hit those fabulous “teenage” years, she is a wonderful kid with a huge heart. She has a sweet spirit and loves Jesus, what more can a mom ask for? She is an amazing big sister and will always be my firstborn… even if only by a minute.

Breanna: My first “baby b”… is such a unique child. There are not many girls like her at this age. She has a confidence and drive that inspires me. When many girls at this age are easily influenced by others, Bre thinks for herself and does not care if this makes her different. She is proud of who she is and I am proud to be her mom. I know God is going to use her in her life to do great things for Him.

Reese: My second “baby A”… is my happy chunky monkey. From the minute I saw the sonogram showing I was once again having twins, I had a love for her that is indisputable. For the past 10 weeks of her little life, she has made me smile and laugh and made me think about what is really important. She is my calm and sweet baby who I love to pieces and cannot imagine not having as a part of this family.

Haley: My second “baby B”… is my special girl. When Haley was born I knew right away this kid was something else. Her little “diva” attitude has certainly been tying at times, but God has given me a soft spot for this baby. She is a strong-willed little girl who seems to know what she wants already. Her infectious smile and sweet dimples melt my heart. She is and forever will be, my Haley bear.

Cane: I did not have a picture of Cane in the one above, but I can’t believe I didn’t add my furry family member. He makes me happy simply by looking at him. That face with those teeth… how can one not love him. Even though he snores like a 85 old man who has smoked since he was 9 and farts like a pregnant woman, I can’t imagine our family without him.

February Photo Challenge Day 10

11 Feb

Day 10: Self Portrait

For this challenge I was not sure if by “self-portrait” they were referring to a picture you draw of yourself, or one you take. I was hoping to see more people post a picture they drew, but unfortunately, I was seeing everyone post an actual picture of themselves today. So, I had to do them same.

This was me at about 10:30 this morning. Not a lick of makeup on, hair thrown into a pony-tail, and wearing my casual but oh so popular (especially these days with trying to keep up with these babies) running clothes. It is funny how when you become a “full-time” mom, looking like this is GREAT. The fact that I actually had time for a shower this morning is impressive… sad, I know, but I take what I can get these days.

I know it is not a glamorous picture but I am confident enough to post it and say this is the REAL me. This is my face and skin under the make up and although it is not perfect and certainly has flaws…. it’s ME , 100%!


February Photo Challenge Day 8

9 Feb

Day 8: Sun

Living in Southern California certainly has advantages and one of those is the fact that in the early days of February, when many areas of the world are snowed in and freezing, I am in shorts and it is 74 degrees outside. Even though this sunshine comes with a price tag, it is well worth it to be able to run on the beach in the dead of “winter.”

The sun is a natural anti-depressant. You cant help but feel better when you are outside in it. It can help pull you out of a funk and many times, especially here, is taken for granted. But for me… I love my sunshine and all that it brings with it!

February Photo Challenge Day 7

8 Feb

Day 7: Button

So, I had no idea what to write about a button. The photo above is a picture of the Start and Power button for my treadmill, two buttons I cannot live without; however, after thinking a little more about buttons, I realized that buttons are like people in our life. We don’t realize we need them until one is gone. Think about it. We never realize how important a button is until the moment it pops off and all of a sudden the inside of our shirt is showing a little more than we would like! Same goes with people in our life. Their value isn’t apparent to us until all of a sudden they are gone and there is a hole.

The point of this little blog entry… Don’t take buttons or people for granted because it’s not until they are gone that we see just how much we need them!

February Photo Challenge Day 5

7 Feb

Day 5: 10 a.m.

9 weeks ago, I gave birth to my beautiful daughters. After the delivery I knew that getting back into shape and being healthy again had to be a priority, not just because I wanted to fit into my old clothes again, but because I needed to be able to keep up with two newborns, two 12 year olds, a husband, dog and loads of laundry. When I got pregnant I had just finished the La Jolla half marathon and was planning on running the SD Rock and Roll Marathon. I didn’t run the marathon for obvious reasons, but I promised myself that after I had the girls there were no excuses. I was going to run again.

After 6 weeks, postpartum, the DR cleared me to exercise again. He told me just to start off slow and not over do it. So, 3 weeks ago, I made a commitment to myself and set a goal. I was going to run the La Jolla Half Marathon on April 29th and I am going to beat my time from last year. I downloaded a 14 week half marathon running schedule, posted it next to my treadmill and started running again.

My brother-in-law asked my husband and I if we would be interested in running the Redondo Beach 10k (6.2 miles) with him and his girlfriend. At the time, I had not run more than 2.5 miles straight but I was ready to be challenged. I knew that if I set a goal and met it, it was only going to make me focused on the half marathon. I am happy to say that yesterday I ran the 10k in 58 minutes.

Running is my anti-depressant. Life can be very overwhelming right now, so being able to get out into the fresh air, sweat, think and have some “alone time” is necessary for my sanity; not to mention how great it feels to set a goal and see it to completion. 9 weeks ago, I was determined to get back to what I love and what helps me, and this picture was taken at 10 am yesterday… after I had finished the race. Next stop… that Half Marathon!

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