Goodness I have 8th graders

20 Aug

 I can close my eyes and picture the day I took these two too preschool for the first time. They had on denim little dresses with ruffled socks. They didn’t have much hair, but what I could work with was put into pig tails with bows. They had different backpacks because I let them pick them out themselves, so one chose a dog backpack and the other chose something with princesses. They sat on the bottom stairs in our Florida condo and posed for a ton of pictures I took with a disposable camera. Remember those things? Yea, not many do. But I took as many pictures as I could which was probably about 25 in all. I fought back the tears as we got into the car and drove to “big girl” school. Now here I am several years later, fighting off the tears because my “little girls” are no longer little and this stings my heart just a bit.

8th grade… the last year of middle school and year before high school. It is a sobering thought for me because I honestly just felt really old. (insert BIG sigh). I like to think that I am one of the “cool mom’s.” I mean, I have tattoos, listen to good music, dress pretty trendy, and I don’t drive a station wagon or a mini-van (no offense to those who do, I just remember my mom picked me up in a purple station wagon… NOT COOL). But even with all that in my favor, I am still Mom and I know that very soon they are going to think being seen out with me is public humiliation or social suicide.

Life for teenagers now is so different then it was for many of us. We didn’t have Iphones, Ipods or anything with an “I” before it. We had to actually remember phone numbers or at least had an address book handy if we wanted to call someone. We didn’t have social media what-so-ever. We had actual conversations with our friends and although the desire to fit in and be accepted was there, I don’t think that it was at the caliber that is for the youth today. Although the ways of the world have defiantly changed over the years, I pray that, morals, values and character haven’t. I pray that everyday my girls walk onto that campus, they know WHOSE they are and that they will never find their worth in this world. I pray that being “different” is a badge of honor for them and that they are “lights” in a school filled with darkness. And I pray they never compromise what they know is right in order to fit in with the wrong.

So, with all that being said, cheers to the last year of middle school and may it be fun!


5 Responses to “Goodness I have 8th graders”

  1. Twila August 20, 2012 at 6:46 pm #

    Love this post, although it makes me cry 🙂 For some reason, it took me all the way back to when our youngest kids, Kevin and Kaare, ran their last “Kinderthon”. I cried my eyes out for days because I thought all of my children were “grown’. Little did I know what amazing adventures were in store for all of us. Sometimes I miss the days when my kids were little, and I could kiss them, hold them close, and make everything better. But then, I think about what I have now and that it is wonderful children who grew up to be incredible adults. Yes, the relationship changes and they don’t “need” us as much on a daily basis. They build strong relationships with their friends and/or spouses. Maybe some of them don’t call to check in as often as we would like, but the rewards of having adult children are GREAT! God blesses us even more than we could ever imagine with the relationshipships we have an opportunity to build with our children as they move through their adult years. There is truth in the line from the song “The best is yet to come..” Enjoy every minute with your beautiful eighth graders and know that every year with them will get better and better. Truly,m the best is yet to come 🙂 Love you all so much!

    • Summer Elliott August 20, 2012 at 6:56 pm #

      It is so true! I know that even in the frustration of living with teenagers, the best is yet to come and God is working in their lives daily. It saddens my heart because they are growing and don’t need us as much, but that is where God comes in and fills in the gaps. He is always working and moving! That is my peace and where my hope lies. Now, time to make lunch for the little turds in my life so we can get ready to pick up the big ones. Never a dull moment. Oh and I LOVE YOU TOO Mrs. Twila haha

      • Twila August 20, 2012 at 7:10 pm #


  2. Mom August 20, 2012 at 8:26 pm #

    After reading both comments I cried as well Twila. A mother doesn’t forget those times when we dropped our babies off at childcare or school for the first time. Summer cried at her little preschool window as I drove off. Oh my goodness not to turn around and go get her was the hardest thing for me ever! So when I had Chrissy I knew I could not work outside our home. I had to stay with them. Today when I saw all the pictures of my grandkids getting ready, Dressed in their new clothes, waving bye to mommy I again got all teared up. Livy having never been to school made me think is this worth it maybe she should just stay at home.LOL But I know God’s plan for us as parents- grandparents is to make sure we give them everything they NEED and he will do everything we can’t do. Knowing that he will watch over them while they are not with us gives me such great peace.
    Twila you are SO very right when you said enjoy them . One of the best things we can do for them as well as us is to take time and just enjoy them and step into their world as it is changing all the time. I love you both and thanks for posting this.

  3. jen jones October 23, 2012 at 4:37 pm #

    I loved reading about your girls. I have 3 girls and 1 boy. My oldest is only 8 and the years you have entered scare me the most. Thanks for sharing your journey.

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