Is it Contagious?

23 Aug



Contagious (adjective): tending to spread from person to person.



My husband I were laying in bed on what had to have been a very long day. I have absolutely no idea what was said or done but all of a sudden I started laughing. It was not just a regular, “that was funny” kind of laugh, it was a full belly, tears flowing, could not stop kind of laughter. Within seconds, I look over and he was laughing just as hard. This went on for several minutes  and finally as we both began to come off the “laughter train” I asked him why he was laughing. He looked at me and said, “Because you were.”

We all know that laughter is contagious. We don’t really know why, but it is. I also think that if we take this a step further, we realize that almost everything can be considered contagious, or as puts it, spread from person to person.  For example, I used to work with a lady who was very depressed. Whenever she was in the office she brought with her this gloom or negativity. It was amazing how fast the entire “vibe” in the office would change when she entered it. I also worked with another lady who has very positive, fun, happy and laughed a lot. When she was in the office the “vibe” was just like she was, positive.

Our attitude is contagious to those around us. Our kids, spouse, co-workers and friends,  are prone to catch what ever we are spreading around.  So the question than becomes, “What are people catching from me?” I know that we are not always going to be happy and in a good mood. Life just doesn’t work that way, but even in the times when things are not going great or we find ourselves in a “funk,” I believe we still have the ability to spread positivity by having an attitude that is uplifting and encouraging to those around us.

Now, go out there and “spread a little cheer.” 😉 (insert corniness here)

Blessings, Summer~




4 Responses to “Is it Contagious?”

  1. somepcguy August 24, 2012 at 2:06 am #

    You make a very good point. A good friend and I once had a series of discussions about feelings and emotions. He summed up our discussion by saying, “Emotions can be manipulated. As Christians, we are called to manipulate those around us so that they are happy.” Part of what we concluded was that most of the time it is necessary for us to be happy for us to cause those around us to be happy. Which means that we must manipulate ourselves to be happy in order to bring happiness to those around us.

    • Summer Elliott August 24, 2012 at 2:35 am #

      Very intresting point Somepcguy.
      I used to think that it was “wrong” to pretend you were happy… but I believe that even in the act of trying, something starts to be. You don’t wake up one day and just go to a piano and play a Mozart piece. You have to practice over and over and over. Each time it gets easier and before you know it, you are playing something that others might notice as a Mozart piece. I think that the same goes for attitudes. Just keep trying and eventually, whether manipulated or not, you will become what or who you want to be.
      Thank you for sharing!!!!

  2. Mom August 24, 2012 at 2:59 am #

    I just love your blogs sis. I read this thinking that this is so true about us as humans. Today ( this morning) started out really rough that I had to pray myself out of a wrong attitude. Not easy but did it because it takes a toll on you in the long run. You can always find something to be happy about. 🙂 I love you and again your momma loves these blogs. Keep writing it’s your gift just one of many.

    • Summer Elliott August 24, 2012 at 4:08 am #

      Mom, You are contagious. You have the ability to just put me in a better mood. I am so thankful for your spirit and even when life is not easy, you always put on a smile (and maybe roll an eye … or two) but you make those around you feel good.

      I plan on writing as as I can. It is funny because even Erik said tonight that there is something different lately. I think it is because I am passionately pursuing Jesus and he is still bring so many things to light for me.

      I love you to the moon.

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