30 Days of Thankfulness- Day 5

6 Nov

Today I am thankful for… My “better half” 

Just an hour or so ago, I was in my bathroom finishing the babies bath time. One was in the tub, while the other was on the floor as I was trying to dry her off. They were both screaming at the top of their lungs and there I was trying to move as quickly as I could so somehow the screaming would stop. In the midst of the bath time chaos, my wonderful and very helpful husband comes home from work! (Insert the sound of angels singing here)

The past few weeks have been a bit difficult for me. The babies are going through a “season of change” aka… teething and learning independence. I try my very best to keep a smile on my face, because having been down this road with the older twins, I know that it will pass, but by 4:30 in the afternoon, I am spent and feel like I am not cut out for this anymore. That is when my husband comes through the door and takes some if not MOST of the burden off me and goes right into “daddy mode.”

I know that I do not thank him enough for everything he does for me and our family, but I am going to take the opportunity to make sure that who ever reads this knows that I am FULLY AWARE of what an amazing man, husband, father, step-father and friend he is. I could not do this without all his love, encouragement and help. He knows that for me, being a stay-at-home mom is not something I am not used to. He knows I struggle with feeling as though I am not very good at this and constantly wishing I was more like my mom and sister, but that never stops him from making sure he reminds me that he is so proud of me and knows how hard I work. He is my personal cheerleader and God’s greatest blessing to me.

I truly believe that if not for the many amazing acts of love and kindness my husband brings to me, I would have been committed into the “funny farm” months ago. I get a bit choked up even as I write this, because my heart is so full of gratitude for this man and ALL he does.

I know that soon, we will look back at this “season” of life and laugh but for now, I will ask God to bless Erik for everything he does that is seen and unseen. So, babe if you read this… Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for helping me get through the past few weeks, oh who am I kidding… MONTHS ;). For always telling me I am beautiful even though I am in the same running clothes for 3 days, have poop, spit up and baby food on me and look like a rat has made permanent residence in my hair. I love you more everyday and I am sorry that I don’t always show it. You are my treasure and I adore you.


3 Responses to “30 Days of Thankfulness- Day 5”

  1. Mom November 6, 2012 at 2:41 am #

    I always love your blogs. You share your heart and I can totally relate to what your feeling. I do ask PLEASE DON’T BE LIKE YOUR MOM this mom has so many flaws. I know that you are a great momma and that it is hard after being away working for all the years you did to now staying home with the babies. I also know that it will become the best thing you have ever done for them. They love their mommy and so need you there for them and the big twins. We do thank God for Erik who can see the weight of taking care of the twins all day long. For being there for Ash and Bre and making sure his house is in running order. Well that would be if there is order right. I love you all so much and forever are praying for you. Thanks for writing these blogs.

    • Summer November 6, 2012 at 2:48 am #

      No mom, you were an amazing example and I will never live up to your awesomeness. I have no idea how you did it all those years, but I will never forget all the special memories you created for me. Thanks for sacrificing so much so sis and I could have all we did. And dont worry, your Posting is coming up soon hehe

      • Summer November 6, 2012 at 3:00 am #

        You are thankful for Erik and we are thankful for YOU!! You have brought so much love and joy into our son’s life. He is more in love with you every day, and we are, too!! You’re always looking for ways to show the love of Christ through your actions and your words of encouragement. We feel so very blessed that you are a member of your family. You, your girls (all four of them), and your entire family have brought us incredible joy from the first moment we met you and I can’t imagine our lives without all of you. So, you are thankful for Erik and we are thankful that God led the two of you to each other. Love you bunches!!!

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